Coron, The Philippines

My trip to The Philippines extended over a month and was one of the highlights of all my travels to date. The country has so much to offer with a side of friendly warm people.


In this post, I’m going to tell you why Coron needs to be on your travel list (over and above El Nido) for the Philippines!

  1. Getting here is super convenient, you can fly into Busuanga airport from any of the main cities and the town is just about a 30 minute drive (so much closer than the drive from Puerto Princessa to El Nido ~ 5 hrs). You can also take an overnight 2Go Ferry from Manila to Coron where you have the option of a cabin room to yourself at a very reasonable price. We took this, and albeit the choppy waters, the journey was quite comfortable and smooth.
  2. It’s way more quieter than it’s sister El Nido across the bay, which means you have more time to yourself and the gorgeous surroundings without being constantly surrounded by other tourists
  3. The holy trinity of Coron trips – Kayangan Lake, Twin lagoons and Barracuda Lake are so much better, secluded and pristine than the day trips you’ll do from El Nido. Bonus: They are actually a little cheaper, far less crowded and with deeper clearer waters to swim in (and get pictures like this one, without the crowds) 549274F8-80E4-4F0B-B36D-8A7FDBEA3FED
  4. Coron Bay is Magic! Think jutting rugged rocks rising up from the ocean. 5C23CA8B-48ED-4F22-94DC-39AFB47D3F19
  5. Snorkelling & Diving Options are abundant and, at the cost of repeating myself, quieter! 3C02987C-42ED-43AF-A720-BEA9C65A23FF
  6. There are so many amazing places to pick from for your stay, from backpacker spots in main town to gorgeous secluded resorts across the island. We stayed at El Rio Y Mar and it was one of the most warm, peaceful and fun places to be + it has a dive centre for all your diving needs. 50450075-BAD4-46C7-86D6-06384F17F996
  7. El Nido is a 3-4 hour fast ferry ride away incase you want to hit that as well. There is no need for flights or long drives to get to it, you just hop off the jetty and into El Nido town. Make sure you get your tickets in advance online or at the jetty.

Go on, book that trip and tell me all about it here!

PS: I do really love El Nido too. If you can, both of these should be on your travel list.



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  1. Wow, I need to go to Coron right now to escape dark and gloomy Irish weather! It’s hard to believe places like these even exist! Thanks for sharing, yet another beautiful place to put on my travel list! Aiva


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