Beginners Guide to Hostels

I've stayed my fair share at hostels across Asia, Europe and the Americas. I've also mixed them around a lot! From sleeping in a private room in a quiet hostel to diving right into a 18 bed mix dorm at a party one, each experience has been unique and quite unforgettable. How to pick a... Continue Reading →

Travelling Solo 101

I've been asked "How do you travel solo?" numerous times by people keen to take the plunge themselves and each time I've said 'I Just do it!'. In hindsight, that's probably not the best answer for someone nervous about travelling solo. So, here are answers to the questions I've been asked: Where should I go?Some... Continue Reading →

Things to do: Havana, Cuba

If Havana isn't on your travel list yet, let me tell you why it needs to be. The capital city of Cuba has more to offer than just Vintage cars and Rum! Here is my list of the top 10 things to do/see/experience: Explore Havana Viejo: It's chaotic, colourful, cramped and best enjoyed on foot.... Continue Reading →

Coron, The Philippines

My trip to The Philippines extended over a month and was one of the highlights of all my travels to date. The country has so much to offer with a side of friendly warm people. In this post, I'm going to tell you why Coron needs to be on your travel list (over and above... Continue Reading →

Göreme: Food Guide

In the heart of Turkey, Göreme is visited widely for it's access to the Kapadokya valley and the famous hot air ballooning. If you're here, you typically stick around for 2 days to catch the early morning balloon flight and explore the valley around. Here are the best places to get some food in the... Continue Reading →

SriLanka: Best Hotels to Stay

From mountains to beaches, quaint tea estates to bustling markets, surfer beaches to calm bays - SriLanka has it all and some more.  Here are some of the best places to stay while you enjoy this country. Negambo/ Close to the Airport: For the time when you're just arriving/leaving and want a good night's rest.... Continue Reading →

Sculpture Garden: Day Trip

Not too many things deserve a whole post just for themselves, Grounds for Sculpture definitely isn't one of those. While I stumbled upon it, I was left in awe of the gorgeous gardens and even more fascinating sculptures they hold. Tucked away in Hamilton, New Jersey, it makes for the perfect day trip from Philadelphia... Continue Reading →

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