15 Places to Travel Solo!


With all this staying home, I can’t help but plan for a time when things get better and we get to take our passports out & travel again! I’ve put together a list of 15 most travel friendly places for Solo Travellers. These are great even if you aren’t travelling alone.

How I picked these:

  1. Safety: When you’re all alone, this one can be a biggie
  2. Convenience: Of getting around within the country/city by yourself
  3. Language: Mainly, English or the ease of communicating if you only know English
  4. Things to Do: Any place with a tonne to do will keep a solo YOU happy
  5. Cost: When travelling alone, THIS one can add up. So keeping this list budget friendly!

Here goes, in no particular order: 

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan has so much to offer and is probably one of the most underrated destinations in South East Asia! Taipei has everything from Museums, hot springs within the city, great night markets, gorgeous temples, architecture and an electric nightlife. It’s a really safe city and the public transport is impeccable. With it’s blended Japanese and Chinese traditions, this is one unique country you can visit all by yourself.

Hong Kong 

While we’re talking about bustling cities of Asia, how can we forget Hong Kong! That recognisable skyline blends into the old world charm of the city almost seamlessly leaving you to explore the many by-lanes & tiny food spots! You can take a junk boat ride across the bay during sunset or hike up a mountain, there are endless options in Hong Kong. Bonus: Macau is a quick ferry away!

Istanbul, Turkey 

I’ve never been so overwhelmed (in a good way) by a city than I have by Istanbul. Sitting at the edge of Europe dripping in it’s rich heritage, this is one place you don’t want to miss. It’s also quite safe and easy to get about. A large part of the city can be explored on foot!  You can also make your way from here to other parts of Turkey (Kapadokya, Antaly, Ankara etc) quite conveniently by air. With so many places to explore and good food to eat, you won’t feel alone in this melting pot.

New York City, USA 

Imperfectly perfect subway system, unlimited supply of artisanal coffee shops & world cuisine, museums, architecture, parks and giant dose of culture. This city needs you to go ahead and explore it. Just steer clear of shady by-lanes and you’ll be just fine.

While we’re on USA, a large part of this country and mostly its big cities are perfect for travelling solo! Countryside can get a bit daunting if you aren’t driving but everything from SF to Philly, Chicago to Seattle, Miami to Boston can be explored on foot, public transport or the very dependable Uber! Plus, if you find the right spots food & drinks are not that expensive.


Can you think of a friendlier place? Canada has everything to offer, the bustling downtown of Toronto to a picturesque one in Vancouver, the cobbled streets of Quebec City to the great outdoors spanning across the Canadian Rockies, Prairies, Yukon & so much more.  You don’t have to look any further! Plan your next trip here while dreaming of Tim Hortons and their Timbits.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The capital city of San Juan is lined with cobbled streets, colourful houses and the sound of music at every corner. From Daddy Yankee to Ricky Martin, there are so many singers that call this tiny island in the Caribbean their home that you can’t spend a day here without some salsa dancing. You can take quick trips out of San Juan to Culebra or Vieques. Honestly,  I could go back here just to eat some more the  Mofongo.

Andamans, India 

Of all the places in India, the one where I felt the most relaxed as a solo female traveller was Andamans and I recommend it for every beach lover. If you’re someone who can spend their days island exploring, diving & lazing on soft sand beaches then this one is for you!


I know I’m clubbing an entire continent together but European cities were meant for solo travels! It won’t be fair to pick one city over another. Some vary from the others with regard to safety or price but they’re all doable alone and on a not-so-high budget. I travelled across 3 countries in Western Europe on less than $100 a day and that included EuRail, accommodation, museums, food & drinks! This goes way cheaper when you’re in Eastern Europe and a bit higher for Scandinavian countries. See some of my budget travel tips here and plan that EuroTrip!


This island country checks all boxes – good food, good public transport, plenty of things to do, language, safety and more. It can end up being a little on the expensive side if you compare it to other Asian countries but there are cheaper options always available, you just have to look harder. Some of the best food I’ve every had have been at Singaporean Hawker markets sitting on plastic tables and sipping on some chilled beer.


Had to include the country where I visited solo for the first time ever! Scotland is friendly, really easy to get around if you want to drive or even hop on a customised tour. It’s not the cheapest place if you want to explore large parts of it like the highlands and isle of Skye but you can definitely get budget B&Bs, hostels and AirBnBs across the country to help keep that budget low. All in all, Scotland with it’s many tales & myths is a magical place to head to in a group or all by yourself!


South America isn’t always considered the safest for solo travellers or travellers in general and cases of mugging and theft are widespread. However, Chile is way safer than the other countries especially if you’re travelling alone. Language may be a bit of a barrier (if you don’t speak Spanish) if you head into remote parts of the country but you’ll be fine in bigger cities. Explore Santiago which is considered the most advanced city of S.America, hop on a flight south and explore the great Patagonia or maybe take a trip to the Atacama Dessert. All this, while sipping on some chilean wine and nibbling on those empanadas.

St Petersburg, Russia 

This pretty Russian town sits right at the tip of the country with Europe on the other side. It’s a melting pot of history, culture and is dotted with UNESCO world heritage sites. Did you know St Pets have about 800 bridges? As the streets of the city intertwine with the river, you can’t help but awe at this romantic city & it’s architecture. Not to forget, the Hermitage! With 6 buildings lined with art & exhibitions from across the world, this one is a must see. Of all the other cities in Russia, St Pets is easier to get around without knowing Russian considering it’s walkability.


You can’t leave out one of the safest countries in the world from this list. Japan with it’s perfect transportation system, good food & so many places to explore is one of the easiest places to travel within. However, one can get a little lonely here if you’re travelling alone. Culturally, people may not be immediately inclined to have conversations at coffee shops and restaurants. It’s best to pick a friendly hostel to stay at to avoid getting a little too isolated. Outside of that, what’s not to love!


Need I say more? It has white sand beaches, gorgeous temples, volcanoes, wildlife,  coffee & sambal! And all of this is topped off with the perfect vibe and reasonable pricing. If you haven’t been here, it’s time to add it to your list.


It’s super budget friendly and you’ll always find fellow backpackers to tag with! As a country, it has something for everyone. Whether it’s the dive island of Koh Tao or the relaxed Chiang Rai, you’ll find something that speaks to you. The best thing about Thailand is their super extensive bus and rail system which means you can literally get anywhere without spending big bucks, all you need is time and the will to rough it out a bit. Nonetheless, you’ll always have those cup noodles to keep you company.


Thats my 15! Tell me what you think and which country or city you’d like to add to this list.

I have, honestly, travelled to so many places (not listed here) that are considered ‘unsafe’ or difficult and have only good memories from them! The world is a beautiful place and while each city & the culture may be different, it’s how we embrace it as travellers is what matters. Also, always stay alert no matter where you are. Happy Travels. 



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  1. Great post and great list! I would love to go on a solo trip one day and if I had to choose one place it would definitely be Vancouver, Canada. Thanks for sharing, we can’t wait to travel again. Aiva 😊


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