Wanderers, COVID and Mental Health

There are enough memes all over the internet about wanderers and travel lovers who are stuck at home or at one spot all through this pandemic. While we all enjoy a good laugh, travel blues are for real and here's what's helped me recover from them. From being my biggest travel year to being one... Continue Reading →

Hostel Etiquettes 101

Because, we need them! In all my stays, there is always that 1 person who is absolutely oblivious that they're in a shared living space and I'm sure that at some point through all my stays, I've been that person too. So, here are some basics everyone must be aware of before starting their Hostelling... Continue Reading →

Movies to #StayandWander with

I've spent a large part of this global lockdown, in front of my television. Scrolling through endless movies. I have see some fantastic new shows, movies and documentaries & I've also taken a trip down memory lane by rewatching some oldies. One of my favourites has been watching movies that take me on a journey through... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Living 101

We've all at some point wondered what ONE person could do or change that would impact the world. Most times, we let the idea go and continue with our way of life. Some times, we take a step back and rethink our 'ways' and find better ones. Sustainable living isn't about trying to do everything... Continue Reading →

15 Places to Travel Solo!

With all this staying home, I can't help but plan for a time when things get better and we get to take our passports out & travel again! I've put together a list of 15 most travel friendly places for Solo Travellers. These are great even if you aren't travelling alone. How I picked these:... Continue Reading →

Isla Holbox, Mexico

I left my heart in Holbox and I'm sure so have a lot of people! This little island tucked in the north of Quintana Roo in Mexico is everything your soul needs. It's even better when you go off-season and the whale watchers have left. Holbox is known for swimming with the Whale Sharks and... Continue Reading →

Travelling on a Budget

One of the main reasons why most people don't end up travelling as much is because it can turn out to be pretty expensive and eat into ones savings. I'm here with some little tips and ideas of what I do to make sure I can travel often, on a budget! Fair warning: some of... Continue Reading →

Beginners Guide to Hostels

I've stayed my fair share at hostels across Asia, Europe and the Americas. I've also mixed them around a lot! From sleeping in a private room in a quiet hostel to diving right into a 18 bed mix dorm at a party one, each experience has been unique and quite unforgettable. How to pick a... Continue Reading →

Travelling Solo 101

I've been asked "How do you travel solo?" numerous times by people keen to take the plunge themselves and each time I've said 'I Just do it!'. In hindsight, that's probably not the best answer for someone nervous about travelling solo. So, here are answers to the questions I've been asked: Where should I go?Some... Continue Reading →

Things to do: Havana, Cuba

If Havana isn't on your travel list yet, let me tell you why it needs to be. The capital city of Cuba has more to offer than just Vintage cars and Rum! Here is my list of the top 10 things to do/see/experience: Explore Havana Viejo: It's chaotic, colourful, cramped and best enjoyed on foot.... Continue Reading →

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