Movies to #StayandWander with

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I’ve spent a large part of this global lockdown, in front of my television. Scrolling through endless movies. I have see some fantastic new shows, movies and documentaries & I’ve also taken a trip down memory lane by rewatching some oldies.

One of my favourites has been watching movies that take me on a journey through another country and satisfy my wanderlust. Here are few of my favourites incase you have the wanderlust itch to satisfy!

Roman Holiday: This all time favourite takes you through the streets of Rome as you fall in love with the Audrey Hepburn (all over again) and this gorgeous city!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Another favourite as it dives into the pre holiday madness of getting back home to your loved ones. I loved watching the chaos and it reaffirmed my belief that travel will resume soon enough and things will fit into a new normal 🙂

Y Tu Mamá También: This coming of age story of two best friends and their travel through Mexico can be engaging, confusing, partly disturbing and inappropriate all at once! With its complex characters , it’s the most ‘different’ movie in this list and one I deeply enjoyed.

Little Miss Sunshine: A highly dysfunctional family’s road trip through the US, what’s not to love!

Motorcycle Diaries: To follow Che’s adventures through South America is a rush we all need to experience (again) while we stay safe at home.

Up: One of my favourite animated movies and one that has always helped me realise that travel isn’t something to be rushed, it’s to be cherished and valued and it’s to be experienced all through life. Even if you’re 80! Also, my forever desire to visit Victoria Falls.

The Holiday: This is one of those movies I’ve seen more times than I should and loved it each time. From the quaint village in England to the bustle of LA, this one has it all – along with a lot of heart!

Under the Tuscan Sun: If this one doesn’t make you want you get on a plane to Italy as soon as we can, I don’t know what will 🙂

Before Sunrise , Before Sunset, Before Midnight:  This trilogy takes you through Vienna, Paris and finally Greece as it explores the relationship between a couple and how it progresses in each of three films. These are some of my favourite movies!

Seven Years in  Tibet: I first read the book and followed it up with the movie. Both have my heart. This gripping story of two mountaineers escaping the British POW camp during WorldWar II and making their journey through Tibet is enchanting, endearing and thoroughly enjoyable!

Mama Mia!: It’s gorgeous setting in Greece + ABBA songs, I can’t think of a better movie when I need a pick me up.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty: The first time I saw this movie I was on an airplane headed towards an adventure of my own. The gorgeous landscapes as Mitty tries to trace O’Connell is what we all need for our travel sore eyes!

The Grand Budapest Hotel:  While this may not be a pure travel film, the movie and the way it’s been filmed ignites the travel fire in me each time. My absolute favourite thing about it is the colour palette they’ve used of pinks and reds through the movie.

Midnight in Paris: If you love Paris, you will love this movie as it takes you on a journey through the city in different times. An absolute favourite.

Lost In Translation: Friendship in a new overwhelming city can be a powerful thing and this movie is all about that, language barriers and Japan 🙂

Special mention to a few more: Letters to Juliet, Vicky Christina Barcelona and PS: I love you ! 

What are some of your favourite movies that have inspired you to travel or even help you travel from your couch?









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