Göreme: Food Guide


In the heart of Turkey, Göreme is visited widely for it’s access to the Kapadokya valley and the famous hot air ballooning. If you’re here, you typically stick around for 2 days to catch the early morning balloon flight and explore the valley around. Here are the best places to get some food in the area:

Seten: Topping the list is this gorgeous restaurant packed with a noteworthy wine cellar. One of my best meals have been here and everything I ordered was delicious. While the cuisine is primarily Turkish, you get quite a few international dishes as well. Ask the servers for wine pairings and you won’t be disappointed. However, you will be disappointed if you show up without a reservation! Make sure you call ahead/get your hotel to and book a table. PS: Have the Baklava!

Turkish Ravioli: For when you need that hearty home meal along with some gorgeous ambience. This place has one of the best and freshest food you’ll have in Turkey, not just Göreme. You, of course, have to try the Turkish ravioli- I wasn’t quite sure if I loved it or not but it was definitely worth trying.

Cancan Cafe: For when you want a delicious non pretentious lunch! The place is quite unlike the two mentioned above. It’s unassuming and basic but the food is delicious. Grab a lunch here before/after a bike or ATV ride through the valley. I absolutely loved their Kebabs- which is something to say when you’re in Turkey and every corner has a kebab place.

Seki Restaurant: This one is located inside the Argo hotel and has the most gorgeous views of the valley. It’s a great spot for lunch or dinner and the food is exquisite, albeit pricey. If you aren’t staying at the hotel, it may be a good idea to call ahead and reserve a table as it can get quite busy during peak tourist season. Try their house wines and you won’t be disappointed.

For breakfast, on the day you aren’t hot air ballooning yourself, I recommend you stay at one of the gorgeous cave hotels and have one on their deck as you watch the hot air balloons fill up the valley! 

With new spots opening up in Göreme literally every other day, drop a note with your favourite one!



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