Sculpture Garden: Day Trip

6CFE3936-2CBE-42DD-B2C1-AAB9FD953809Not too many things deserve a whole post just for themselves, Grounds for Sculpture definitely isn’t one of those. While I stumbled upon it, I was left in awe of the gorgeous gardens and even more fascinating sculptures they hold.

Tucked away in Hamilton, New Jersey, it makes for the perfect day trip from Philadelphia  or New York. It houses over 400 pieces of art across the grounds and it’s the thrill of stumbling upon a piece when you least expect it.

You can buy tickets online and be sure to arrive on time as entry is allowed for only 1 hour post the time. You can however stay for as long as you want!

Stop over at the Van Gogh Starry Night inspired cafe for a quick drink or head over to the Monet’s Giverny inspired Rat’s Restaurant for a meal.


Ticket Price: $18 for Adults and Kids under 5 enter free 

Timings: 10 am – 5 pm Entry time slots 

PS: Sayen House  next door makes for a lovely stop over as well while you’ve ventured into Hamilton.


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