A weekend in Vegas

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Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

One can forget the countless visits to Las Vegas and still return for another blackout trip. Thats Vegas for you!

Counting down here the Top 10 things to do on a weekend in Vegas:

  1. Start your trip with checking into one of the MANY fabulous hotels. The glitzier the better. Get the best deals and check out the competition at booking.com
  2. Watch a show, Vegas has something on at all times. See the most current list here
  3. The one obvious one – Drink! Try some of those crazy concoctions in gigantic bowls or carry your alcohol in giant beakers/backpacks.
  4. Stroll the strip and explore all the casinos in all the hotels. It’s a waste if you stick to just the one. Try your luck at slots and stay away from the high stake tables if you aren’t there for some serious gambling.
  5. Don’t forget to hit up some of the fabulous day clubs! Sitting in a Jacuzzi and sipping on some G&T is all the more better in Vegas.
  6. Grab breakfast away from the hotel buffets and the strip. Head to Mr Mamas – you won’t regret it!
  7. Head to Fremont and check out some of these bars or maybe even zip-line through the strip!
  8. Attend one of the crazy parties at some of the best clubs. From Hakkasan to Marquee you are bound to find something that makes you move!
  9. What’s the point of drinking and dancing the night away if you don’t end it with some greasy delicious food at 4:00am! Here are some late nighters and all nighters in the Vegas food market  . My personal favourite (not on this list) is a little tucked in NY style pizza counter on the upper floor of Cosmopolitan hotel! It’s literally called ‘Secret Pizza’ !
  10. Explore the free activities, like seeing the Bellagio Fountain that goes off every 30 minutes during the day and every 15 in the evenings. Spend some time people watching- Oh, the things you’ll see!

Bonus: If you have a day, head to the canyons west rim or even drive to the seven magic mountain installation for some cool pictures!

Drop a message with what’s your BEST Vegas memory (or the lack of it!)



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